Labotrix Supplying 3LCD, DLP and Laser Projector with short and long throw. Good quality with competitive price
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Featured Products
DLP Projector-D929XS Image
DLP Projector-D929XS
Advanced super short-throw lens,HDMI input connection,ImageCare technology
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Other Projector
Laser Projector-L929XSA Image
Laser Projector-L929XSA
Laser Projector-L929XS Image
Laser Projector-L929XS
Laser Projector-L939XU Image
Laser Projector-L939XU
DLP Projector-D919SL Image
DLP Projector-D919SL
3LCD Projector-C919XL Image
3LCD Projector-C919XL
3LCD Projector-C929XS Image
3LCD Projector-C929XS
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Labotrix Group Limited
Labotrix Group Limited is a leading global manufacturer of interactive whiteboard, LED interactive flat panel, digital podium, document camera, AIO digital cabinet etc. to smart education system based on mass data, high bandwidth, cloud storage, and smart cloud terminals, which construct a Cloud Educational Platform for interconnection of the HD video and audio content.
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Shenzhen, China
No of employees
Year of establishment
Business Type
Manufacturer, Marketing
Factory size
2000-3000 sq mt
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